Brownsville -Texas, 2021



Brownsville, Texas





Design Team

Sergio Bianchi with Charlie Bragg, Fiorella Campodonico Roy, Mariangela De Meo, Kübra Mercanlı, Silvia Perobelli

The design of an intersection between the worlds of the small city of Brownsville and the new SpaceX Starbase facility.

Starbase as a starting point for the new Pan American space hyper highway. Space is the ultimate frontier for humanity.

Space exploration is an endeavor of the highest importance in terms of knowledge, enrichment and evolution. Being such a massive challenge, it can only be a global enterprise. It requires strength, knowledge, passion and unity. It should be humanity’s choral effort. The magnitude of such a task requires unity and inspiration.

What if Starbase becomes part of the new Pan American space highway?

Ancient, present day and future space
related sites could form the backbone of a Pan American Hyperloop system.

Starbase is going to be an experiment
on a new approach to land use.

The road intersection is to be pushed below ground level, allowing the four plots of land to unite and form a complete Starbase complex. The buildings move upward to leave the soil as undisturbed as possible, a space where there is room not only for humanity, but for other animals as well.

Cities are historically planned for humans, but it is time to understand that we are part of a wider system.