Amsterdam (Netherlands), 2018



Amsterdam, Netherland




Entry – International Design Competition



Design Team

Sergio Bianchi with Simone Fracasso, Licia Ottavi

The Moving Upward Home is not only a Project, it represents a new way of living:

a house becoming home in the sky.

The architecture of the project is not as important as the concepts that underlie to the project itself. Over the years massive land consumption has caused major climate change and contributed in endangering Nature and species of the whole world – so the question is, why are we in need of consuming land beneath when we have plenty of space above?

Throughout these ideas, the Moving Upward House, may turn into the Moving Upward neighborhood and eventually the Moving Upward City.

In the attempt to establish a new way to conceive our home the Moving Upward Home Project focuses its attention on the critical point of interaction between the Private and the Public Realm. More specifically we want to flip the classical edge separating these two spaces from its horizontal flatness to a tridimensional verticality. The aim is to create new typologies of space, in between private and public, stimulating the reactivation of dormant social interactions.

The Moving Upward Home Project develops this idea bringing the living environment six meters above the ground. The habitat is composed of two main ground support elements represented by a concrete basement with a livable truss on it, on the upper level are placed three shipping containers re-converted to a residential use and on the final top level, the technological one, are located two vertical farms, the photovoltaic system and three elevated terraces.

The habitat, with its 260 square meters, is conceived to be lived by different kind of modern families, its multi-level spaces characterized by different degrees of privacy are ideal for a flexible use of them and are suitable for all the four seasons of life,  from children to elderlies.