Moon, 2016



Moon, Solar System


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Runner-Up Prize – International Design




Design Team

Sergio Bianchi with Simone Fracasso, Jonghak Kim, Alejandro Jorge Velazco Ramirez, Simone Russo, John Beck

The moon is surely an enormous opportunity from which humanity could immensely prosper; its abundant resources on the moon could be investigated and exploited which would bring significant benefit to the future generations. It is nonetheless quite crucial to keep in mind at the same time that

the moon itself has always had a significant meaning to us ever since the beginning, and therefore its original state must be highly respected

and we should preserve the current status of the moon as much as possible.

Momentum Virium is a lunar station designed for a highly sustainable, energy efficient and thus livable space for the ideal future.

Orbiting around the moon with the velocity equal to that of the rotation of the moon, it is connected to the surface by the M5 fiber space cable, which is also used as a path for ‘lunar space elevators’ that can transport resources from the moon to the stations.

The station itself is composed of Habitats and of the Gyroscopic Structures. The Habitats are sectors where the inhabitants dwell with sustainable life support system. On the other hand, the Gyroscopic Structures function as Control Moment Gyroscope, a device that is used to manipulate spacecrafts in the space. Each of the structures, which are made up of Titanium, provides momentum to stabilize and control the entire station by spinning and changing the direction of their axis of rotation. This enables the entire station to maintain its own orientation without additional control system with tremendous ease and efficiency.

With its structural innovation, Momentum Virium is an ideal space inhabitant station module where the residents can immensely enjoy a sustainable life with abundant resources and eco friendly environment. It is suitable not only for the moon but also in almost every single planet that can be found across the galaxy; it is truly an interstellar inhabitant module, opening up a whole new frontier that mankind is not yet to witness.

Technical report