Rome, 2003



Rome, Italy







Design Team

Sergio Bianchi with Adriano Draghini, Elisabetta Straffi, Giovanni Favilla, Caterina Finocchi

The building houses the operational headquarters at the Tecnopolo Tiburtino of Innova, one of the largest European private groups in the field of technological innovation consulting.

The building is built with a reinforced concrete structure. The blind external infills, on the other hand, have been made of pre-compressed concrete elements with two different finishes.

Facades have been designed with a studied alternation between full and transparent parts, in particular the executive offices facing the future courtyard are characterized by a fully glazed wall while on the other side the operational offices have a large ribbon window.

The metallic structure on top of the roof contributes to the characterization of the building, which combines the aesthetic value with an important sunscreen function for the ceiling of the top floor.

The same shading system has been used on the façades with the use of shielding grids in order to guarantee a better climate yield, in particular , during the summer.

The internal distribution provides an almost barycentric access, close to the vertical distribution of the building. From the distribution point of view all floors have the same functioning principle, with a false ceiling corridor area that also functions as a spine for the plant distribution. The same corridor on the upper floors provides in the terminal part two tall windows to allow a possible connection with the future buildings of the following phases.

Even the design of the internal parts has taken into account, as far as possible, future transformations, flexible solutions have been favored using floating floors on the first and second floor and limiting the internal partitions that are mainly in plasterboard or mobile walls.