Hamburg (Germany), 2015


Hamburgh, Germany




Entry – International Design Competition



Design Team

Sergio Bianchi with Simone Fracasso, Chiara Pellegrin, Valeria Menculini, Roberto Ruggeri

The St.Pauli district is already one of the busiest of the city,

due to its entertainment soul. We would like to use our project to create a link between St.Pauli and the neighbouring districts. On the north-west side of our bezirk the idea is to create a new green corridor with the existing parks and gardens of St.Pauli’s district and the green areas of Altona-Altstadt and Sternschanze.

To the north of our district lies the Rotherbaum district , location of the university of Hamburg. In this case we want to create a strong link between the university campus and the students living in our hybrid building, designing for them spaces with catalysing potentials for the development of a lively student community.

To the east Neustadt, with its landmarks and cultural heritage, is the core of Hamburg. Our project, with its height, aims to be part of the urban skyline, creating a new landmark for the whole city. Lastly we aim to connect with Steinwerder, the harbour on the other side of Elbe, it will be visually linked to our design, creating a new marvelous aerial perspective.

Building in an urban area without taking away space from nature is the theme of this proposal.

The most obvious solution is to grow vertically to reduce the impact of the mark on the ground.

We opted for a tower, but since a tower also needs to be grounded, we decided to have the tower fold unto itself, creating a horizontal plane rising 30 mt. from the ground. This will restore the green space occupied by the building on the soil as well as create another public space in altitude that will offer a new perspective towards the Elbe river.

To enhance the relationship between the building and the river Elbe, we studied a luminous installation that evokes the image of Hamburg as “the gateway to the world”. The view of a work of art that evokes the tides and the flowing of water will invite people to rise to the open air terrace.

Once on what will become the extension of Spielbudenplatz one realizes that the view is the echo of the river in the distance. In the freed up space on the ground we will create a wild forest like space, that will also host a detention pond for managing water. The double glazing system on the facade facing south will consent the integration of solar panels as well as create a green house effect in the winter months.