Luigi Pellegrin – Architectural Visions

01_9567Luigi Pellegrin is an important figure of what is called Italian Organic architecture. Following an exhibition on this eclectic and visionary architect, “Copiare Saturno” that took place in Rome in 2014; the Associazione Culturale Pisastudium is now setting up in Pisa -in partnership with Studio Bianchi, Chiara Pellegrin and AIAC (Italian Association of Architecture Critique)- an exhibition and a series of conferences for the dissemination of Pellegrin’s work and thoughts. Pellegrin’s bond with Pisa is undoubtedly linked to the Concetto Marchesi educational buildings, an extraordinary example of  how the artist’s visions translate into something tangible. The exhibition aims to stimulate an informed and unprejudiced point of view of this important urban object.
Amidst the drawings and projects presented in Rome in the Copiare Saturno exhibition, there is a section dedicated to the architecture designed and built by Pellegrin, particularly centered on his experience in Pisa in the Concetto Marchesi complex, as well as a look at the projects by other architects that were also selected for this competition. Along with the exhibition, the curators have organised a guided tour along Concetto Marchesi as a way to defend this complex and to explain the contrast between the initial intentions and the success of this building over the last 40 years. The exhibition comprises a video commentary on the influence of  Pellegrin in Italian architecture, featuring comments by Massimiliano Fuksas among others. The conferences following the exhibition will focus on Pellegrin’s life and works, emphasizing on his educational buildings. This iniciative is sponsored by the Pisa regional administration, local administration, Pisa’s Organization of Architects and Engineers, and the University of Pisa’s Department of Engineering.

photo credits: Vincenzo Labellarte